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I think...   
07:37pm 19/02/2005
mood: eh?
...I think my translator is almost perfect. I oiled the inside of the gears and chips and it worked a like charm. I hope I don't mess things up again and go back saying to "root beer book."

Did you know that cats have about 100 noises they can make? Cat pee also glows in a blacklight. That's silly!

Bake sale went okay. Why didn't the berries in the jello shrine move? I jiggled it over and over and over until my arms tired got. The berries didn't move at all!

I'm confused...

I think that will keep me up all night, thinking about jello and berries and stuff.
Fixed it!   
11:31am 18/02/2005
mood: contemplative
Fixed the translator I, so then makes sense it more.

Maybe should I outside go in the rain play. Like water don't I, rain but good is. School go to I won't because have fleas I. Hate I fleas.
So far!   
10:04am 17/02/2005
mood: argh!
I the my computer think of that it has been broken from before. I cannot translate those which try the fact that I say to those. They have expressed that I where I have known say, but not knowing that is disappointed in order to know thing. As for me attack of sickness! "The time to say to those" was supposed in order the card which it was given and in inside as for me to that "me the fighting the boredom the book for. That we want meaning "to buy, became fearful by mistake.

Mai how reacted, in order to see push here.